Modest Mylk was launched with a mission to make nut mylk easier & healthier than ever. Making homemade nut mylk can be time consuming, messy, and wasteful. When looking for options in the store, I found myself frustrated by the price, quality, and ingredient lists of non-dairy products. This led me to create our new line of concentrated nut mylk bases. Modest Mylk is a completely new way of making 100% natural nut mylk at home. Now, you can easily make your own delicious, organic, clean-label, nut mylks at home with zero compromises. I hope you enjoy Modest Mylk as much as I do.

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Rachel Gutierrez is the owner of Bom Dia Brands Inc., a beverage-based consumer goods company based in New York City. Rachel is passionate about creating innovative and healthy food/beverage products for people to enjoy in their homes.